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Jimmy Longtail–An Australian Epic

Scenes from Jimmy Longtail:

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Jimmy Longtail

An Australian Epic

He left his family behind and travelled thousands of miles to a strange new land in search of gold, but he found something more valuable than that.

Jimmy experienced and fought hate and violence, found love, friendship, and a brand-new nation. Stange dreams plagued him untill he found thier startling origin. In the desert he met proud and fierce people who shared their knowledge with him and his friends. He heard extraordinary tales of men castaway centuries earlier and adopted by natives.He was given proof and great responsibility by a man long in his grave.


About The Author

"I'm a Queenslander. We are Red. Forged in Cowboy country, my family moved to Broncos territory via beautiful Stanthorpe. I worked for the government for a while (30 years), but always longed to be a full-time teller of tales. Now I'm here. My core genre is Australian historical fiction novels, but I also dabble in short stories and bush poetry. I greatly admire the works of Bryce Courtney, among many, and strive to emulate his skill as a storyteller.

I live in the hometown of the notable Langer, Walters', Shearer and of course the great tenor and activist, Harold Blair. In my household are Celia, my lovely wife, Niska the bluey, Suzi the spaniel and Lily the chihuahua, who expresses anxiety by running in circles, Floyd and Fely the lovebirds. I'm basically just an aging country kid living in the big smoke. Drop me a note if you're in town and we'll catch up."

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Australia wide – for international orders, contact the author.


I am not really a person who spends a lot of time reading as I find it difficult tofind suitable books that interest me. I was told about a book  called Jimmy Longtail which is the work of a local Writer A Michael Blaire. I purchased the book and started reading, once I strated, I could not stop. I recommend you get hold of this book  Jimmy Longtail, and like me you’ll be hooked. I congratulate A Michael Blaire on this book. As I belive it to be a work of brilliance. Looking forward to reading many books from A Michael Blaire.

Lorena Aujero Ryan

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